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Saving money in the UK

Every penny counts

Frugal Life in the United Kingdom
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This community is dedicated to helping you save money and is focused solely on people living in the UK. (Please do not ask for advice on how to save on your trip/vacation/holiday to the UK -- use travel communities for that!)

If you are not in the UK we recommend poor_skills as a good general advice community.

What's the difference between tightwadding in the UK and other places? To name just a few items, we don't often get coupons and certainly never see double or triple coupon days at supermarkets; we have fewer "warehouse" style stores and those are harder to gain membership; yard/garage sales are rare -- yards and garages are rare! -- but we do have car boot sales that are closer in nature to flea markets. Our prices are quite different from other countries: what is expensive overseas may be inexpensive here and vice versa.

For all of those reasons and many more, it is useful to have a community to discuss which strategies are most relevant to life in the United Kingdom.

Please do NOT advertise any "business opportunities" or any products that you are directly affiliated with unless you have permission of the maintainer. Unauthorised advertising will result in a permanent ban from the community. We're not here to BUY anything and we're not here to get scammed either.

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