kruku (kruku) wrote in uk_frugal,

Wetherspoons pub vouchers

I know this reaches a new low in 'pikeyness' however...

Several friends have  for two years running offered me a Wetherspoons pub voucher or two. Apparently they recieved these through the post gratis. These pub vouchers do make drinking in bars more affordable but I would like some vouchers of my own since I am getting just a little peeved at my friend's smugness over receiving free vouchers in the post for years.

I have tried the Wetherspoon free magazine and the Wetherspoon site but I cam find nothing that might help me elicit a post of free vouchers from Wetherspoons.

Does anyone here know how I may apply to Wetherspoon for these vouchers?

I have cross posted to other sites interested in money-saving before I crosspost to 'beer fan' sites (I can imagine the smug replies now(: )
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