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This is for residents of the UK....

I am posting this to my LJ and a couple of comms here on LJ, as while I have just been able to get mine, none of my friends even knew such a thing existed, and in these days, it all helps if things are tight.

If you are not on social security, but on a very low income (a very low wage, or a student loan for example), you still can get help with health costs (free prescriptions, eye tests, dental treatment, travel to consultants if referred by a doctor) which would still otherwise cost, even on the NHS.

This is the HC1 form (which you can get from doctors surgeries, dentists and I got mine from the local pharmacy).

Here is a link about it - http://www.patient.co.uk/health/Free-or-Reduced-Cost-Prescriptions.htm

It is means tested, youll need to send off the filled-in form and photocopies of your last few payslips/ student loan awards info. I am sorry, I dont know what the exact income limits are for full help and partial help, but its well worth trying for, you even have a reply paid envelope to send the form back with!

Beauty Products

I heard somewhere that beauty products cost pennies to make but sell for pounds. (From Sir Alan Sugar!)

Anyone tried making their own 'luxury' body creams or lotions?
I am a beauty-product-o-holic, you name it, its in my cuboard, I'd like to try making my own. Is it really possible to make stuff like blackhead removing scrub and intensive hair conditioners?

Also I found (from the Duggar family of all places) people making their own laundry liquid, that seemed like a good idea to me!

Freebies from Coca-Cola

Now sure how many are aware of this promotion, but Coca Cola are giving away loads of stuff.

It's through Cokezone

Basically you enter codes off bottles and cans and then you can purchase a whole range of goodies for the points, there's quite a range of things you can 'buy' with the points and the point value seems quite reasonable. I just took delivery of a WII game from a couple of month worth of collecting.
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£10 off at LittlewoodsDirect.com

Anyone want my voucher?

It's good until the 30th of June.  £10 discount off your first online purchase of £10 or more.  Lemme know in the comments, and I'll pm the code  to you or something (code needs to be entered in the promotion code box at the checkout).

London or Oxford second hand shops

Can anyone recommend some good second hand clothing shops in London or Oxford?
I have some clothes I want to drop off. I don't want to sell them or anything, although I might look around so I'd prefer a place with good prices. I'm not at all familiar with the area so nearby tube or rail stations would help.
Thanks in advance :)

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Free Theatre Tickets (UK, under 26 only)

Arts Council England in association with the Metro have come up with a scheme that offers free theatre tickets to those under 26, to try to encourage young people to see more plays.

Basically, most, if not all theatres in the UK are participating. You can go here and search by postcode to find the theatres close to you, Most will not allow online booking for the free tickets, and they are, of course, subject to availability. And you'll need a photo ID to prove your age. The tickets are only available for Friday night performances, and the scheme's set to continue until March 2011.
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Coke bottles

Ahem. Not a coke or diet coke drinker (tho' was horrifically addicted to diet coke in the past), but for the past six months at least there have been 12 digit cokdes printed underneath the labels of coke and diet coke bottles (look for the ones with "coke zone" written on the cap). I write down the code and input them into the Coke Zone website (cokezone.co.uk) and you can exchange them for handy things like WH Smiths vouchers (£5 voucher for 100 points - I buy stamps...) and Cineworld Cinema ticket vouchers (1 ticket for 50 points - I use these to pay my occassional babysitter). The small bottles (500ml) have codes worth 2points, so for finding 50 bottles I can buy a fivers-worth of stamps, or 25 bottles buys me an hour and a half of toddler-free bliss. They have other "rewards" too, but these are the best two for me.

I pick empty bottles out of bins and up off the street, or offer to take it home to recycle if I see someone finishing one at playgroup or on the bus. After writing down all the codes I do indeed recycle them. Go me. Once you start looking for discarded bottles they are everywhere! I've never yet found a code that had already been used - I suppose most people can't be bothered. I do like to see myself as a modern-day rag and bone (wo)man.