Briony (lim1bd) wrote in uk_frugal,

Coke bottles

Ahem. Not a coke or diet coke drinker (tho' was horrifically addicted to diet coke in the past), but for the past six months at least there have been 12 digit cokdes printed underneath the labels of coke and diet coke bottles (look for the ones with "coke zone" written on the cap). I write down the code and input them into the Coke Zone website ( and you can exchange them for handy things like WH Smiths vouchers (£5 voucher for 100 points - I buy stamps...) and Cineworld Cinema ticket vouchers (1 ticket for 50 points - I use these to pay my occassional babysitter). The small bottles (500ml) have codes worth 2points, so for finding 50 bottles I can buy a fivers-worth of stamps, or 25 bottles buys me an hour and a half of toddler-free bliss. They have other "rewards" too, but these are the best two for me.

I pick empty bottles out of bins and up off the street, or offer to take it home to recycle if I see someone finishing one at playgroup or on the bus. After writing down all the codes I do indeed recycle them. Go me. Once you start looking for discarded bottles they are everywhere! I've never yet found a code that had already been used - I suppose most people can't be bothered. I do like to see myself as a modern-day rag and bone (wo)man.
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