DMWCarol (dmwcarol) wrote in uk_frugal,


It's that time of year...

So what are your best frugal gift ideas for this year?

Any really great festive bargains we should all know about?

I'm going to make home made fudge and chocolate truffles for people, I've got some pretty cups and saucers that I picked up for pennies at a car boot sale which will look really neat filled with the sweeties and tied up with netting. I'm also making jewellery and doing some tie bleach and stencil bleached t-shirts. You can get plain coloured t-shirts for a couple of quid, all you do is lay a few bits and pieces on them, spritz with a solution of bleach and wait for it to develop, then dunk into a bucket of water with a bit of vinegar and run through the washing machine.
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