Briony (lim1bd) wrote in uk_frugal,

PTC/PTR for UK & Ireland

Archerfish pay me to read e-mail, visit web sites, sign up for offers, and much more.

It's free to join and easy to sign up!

Designed for UK and Ireland members only

£18,541.30 earned by members to date

Get Paid to Click on Ads and Visit Websites that are of interest to you

Get Paid to Read E-mail, on Site or in your Mailbox.

No unpaid sponsor ads in e-mails!

Get Cashback with selected Shopping Offers

6 Levels of Referrals (10%, 5%, 4%, 3%, 2%, 1%)

Payment via Paypal, Cheque or Amazon Gift Certificate

Low Minimum Payout of just £3.00, sent within 7 days

Join Now and get a £0.25 Sign-up Bonus

Hurrah for Archerfish!
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